Individualised Care

At Peak Chiropractic you will get individualised care, tailored to your needs. What follows is a summary of what to expect when you visit our office.

We work for you

We work for you, our job is to tell you what’s going on, let you know how we can help and to show you what your options are. You can then decide what kind of care you want from us.

Our system:

To help you to make the best decision for your health we have a person centred approach and this is reflected in our system.

1st Visit – At this visit we will address your main concerns; complete a full health history (from early childhood); a lifestyle assessment; an initial exam of your spine and nervous system; a digital posture assessment and X-rays if needed.

2nd Visit – Pre-Care Appointment, Report of Findings & 1st Adjustment. Probably your most important appointment with us . Here we will show you what we do and why we do it, so you can decide if our care fits your wants and needs. Next we will show you what is happening in your body, tell you how we can help and take you through your 1st adjustment where you will feel a difference.

Adjustment visits – Once you begin care with us, expect to find us very interested in you and your progress. We will monitor changes closely to ensure you are moving toward your goals and begin to help you to make better lifestyle decisions so that you can prevent problems in the future and improve your quality of life. Your regular visits are focused and time efficient allowing you to get on with your daily life with minimal disruption.

Corrective Care Appointment – At this crucial appointment we will help you to further understand the process you are in and how it can unfold over time. This will help to clarify what your longer term choices are and help you to make the best choices regarding your health and wellbeing.

Progress Exams and Reports – During your care we will do periodic progress exams where we will repeat some of the tests done at the initial exam so that we can objectively measure and track your progress. After each Progress Exam we will do a Progress Report where we will show you the results of your tests and help you to decide how best to move toward your goals.

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