Integrity (noun) – The state of being whole and undivided.

We often search for things that we think will help us feel more whole. More complete. While the Jerry McGuire moment of ‘you complete me’ is appealing, it’s often misleading.

One of the hallmarks of the human condition is a sense of disconnection that exists on three levels.

  • We feel it in how we are disconnected from ourselves. While we exist day to day with our mind, there is often an ignorance or even a fear of our bodies. We fear symptoms, we are unaware of many of our movements and how limited they are.
  • We feel it in how we are disconnected from others. Watch the news, read the newspaper or listen to the radio and you’ll hear people talking about ‘us’ and ‘them’. You’ll hear the societal narrative that we are all separate and you’ll feel the fear of intimate eye contact with others.
  • We feel it in how we are disconnected from our environment. Pollution, climate change and poaching are very hot topics for us. As we continue to believe that we are not animals and that we exist outside of the natural order we continue to rape and pillage our planet.

Notice how, like Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, we look outside for solutions. The next pill, lotion, potion or procedure to numb your mind/body. The next argument or article that shows our tribe’s superiority to the ‘other’. The next petition we can sign online that gives us environmental street cred without really making a change to how we interact with our environment.

Innately Complete

The reality is that we are all innately complete. We exist in wholeness, in integrity and it is only our perception that creates disconnection.

To reconnect to our mind/body, we need only lean into our symptoms and pay attention to what they are bringing to us. The more intense the symptom, the more powerful our transformation will be on the other side.

To reconnect to others, we need only to notice those parts of us that the other person is mirroring. The more uncomfortable that person’s behaviour is to us, the more they are showing us a part of ourselves we are trying to disown.

To reconnect with our environment, we need only realise that we are an ecosystem within the greater ecosystem. How we are polluting and abusing our mind/body is in direct proportion to how we are doing the same to our external environment. It is impossible to live a ‘healthy lifestyle’ while still assaulting nature.

Realising that you complete you and seeking answers from the inside out is one of the most empowering perspectives we can take on.

The purpose of Chiropractic care is to remove interference that may be holding you back from experiencing your integrity. Each adjustment builds on the one before to move you from defence, decay and disease to growth, repair and vitality.

Start your Chiropractic journey today and Live Your Bigger Life.