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Short Sighted Sick Care vs Long Sighted Health Care. What is a Subluxation?

The biggest contradiction in modern society is that we call our sick care system a health care system. Contradictions lead to destruction. The magnitude of the destruction is proportional to the magnitude of the contradiction. This is a MASSIVE contradiction.

– Dr Patrick Gentempo 

What is a Subluxation, What is a Subluxation?, Peak Chiropractic, Peak ChiropracticThere are many ways in which our body can become mis-aligned. Doctors like to use fancy Latin words so Chiropractors call these mis-alignments “Subluxations”. 

A single physical traumatic event, such as a car crash, fall from a horse, a chair being pulled out from under you or lifting a heavy object, can cause Subluxations. Something as common as twisting or bending in an awkward position to reach an object or sitting in a poor position for just a few moments can cause Subluxations. Other often overlooked stressors, such as the loss of a loved one, financial problems or pressure from work, poor nutrition, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption can cause Subluxations.

Your body is smart, it is a self-developing and self-regulating living thing that is controlled by your Brain and Nervous System. In Chiropractic, this inborn wisdom is referred to as Innate Intelligence.

Every aspect of the human experience is processed through your nervous system.

When there is interference with the function of the nervous system, not only does it compromise your physical well-being, but it can have mental and emotional consequences too. Subluxations can distort your perception of the world and limit your ability to respond to your environment.

A lot of mechanistically minded health care professionals don’t recognise the severe downstream consequences of spinal mis-alignment. It is viewed as a back problem and not a health problem. For more info on the differences between Vitalistic care and mechanistic care, click here.

We at Peak Chiropractic, through extensive study and experience with thousands of people, have grown to appreciate the significant effects that Subluxations can have on your health and human potential.

Who do you know that is patching over the problems that really need the fix?

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