Each one of us lives our lives by a set of priorities. A set of values, most important to the least important. We identify these values by looking at how we spend our time, energy and money. If you’re unsure what your highest values are, they are the things that you are spontaneously INspired, from withIN, to fulfil. Lower priorities, or values, are the things that you need outside motivation to fulfil. Like the 12-year-old boy who is inspired from within to play his PlayStation but needs outside motivation to complete his homework.

When we fill our lives with things that are truly meaningful, we have a loving and grateful heart. When we set goals that are aligned with our highest value, we have a greater chance of reaching it because we are intrinsically inspired to achieve it.

When we fill our lives with low priorities or fulfil the vales of those around us, we become depressed, distracted and frustrated. So when we set goals directed at our lower values, we have less probability of achieving it.

The Effect of Values on Our Brain

When we set goals to our highest values, the brain awakens and blood and glucose go to the executive centre of the brain, so we’re able to see things more clearly, make decisions quicker and act on opportunities that we may have not seen before. Our achievement levels rise. If we set goals to our lowest values, blood and glucose goes to the more primitive brain where we have impulses and instincts.

I’m sure at some point you have found yourself saying ‘I have to, I should, I ought to…’ This is a sign that you may be attempting to live your life according to your lowest values OR someone else’s values, and now your true values have become overridden.

Simplifying My Life

This article’s theme is SIMPLICITY. It may seem like I’m not quite matching the brief, but the best and most empowered way that I have beautifully simplified my life, is by asking myself these two questions:

  1. Do I truly know my hierarchy of values?
  2. Is my life congruent with that hierarchy?

If this is something that resonates with you, let us know so we can connect with you on your journey to a purposeful life.

With love,
Dr Donne 


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