I’ve recently spent some time reviewing the 33 principles of Chiropractic. These lay down the vitalistic foundation of Chiropractic, the foundation of life.  In my earlier years of studying, we briefly passed over these philosophical gems as though they were something light weight, out dated and insignificant that people 100 years ago lived by. In reality they make up the essence of the power and energy of life on earth. 

One of the principles discusses the function of Innate Intelligence: to create adaptive forces to be used in and for the body and to adapt the components of our body to the external world.

Every molecule, cell, organ and tissue in our body was created by innate intelligence giving life to a non-living material, and each part has its own function. 

Because of Innate, our cells have the ability to endure and adapt to the many stressors (physical, chemical, mental) from the external environment while still being able to function and coordinate all life together as one perfect whole. 

This amazing adaptation allows us to endure a multitude of daily stressors. Our innate will always strive to thrive!

Your innate intelligence uses your nervous system as a way of keeping each part of your body in constant communication with the master co-ordinator, your brain. Innate is always there and is always at 100%. However, if there are interferences in the transmission of innate forces this will affect the body’s ability to express full potential. This will also affect the body’s ability to endure stressors. This is where we have defence in the body, this defence leads to decay. 

Removing subluxations to the spine through Chiropractic adjustments allows innate to flow effortlessly and we become more adaptable and resilient to outside stressors.

So get adjusted and enjoy the amazing endurance of your innate. 

Peak Chiropractic Centre located in Claremont are family-friendly chiropractors focused on relieving aches, pains and posture correction. We offer in-house X-Ray facilities.

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