spine, Love Your Body, Love Your Spine, Love Your Life, Peak ChiropracticHave you ever realised how much your body loves you?

Your body’s innate intelligence keeps you alive without you having to think about it:

• It makes sure you breathe
• It keeps your heart beating
• It digests food
• It helps cuts heal
• It heals broken bones
• It knows to create fevers to kill certain bugs
• And much, much more

Everything is processed through your Nervous System, without it none of these functions would happen.

spine, Love Your Body, Love Your Spine, Love Your Life, Peak ChiropracticYour spine is made up of 24 vertebrae, from your neck to your lower back and includes your sacrum and your coccyx. Inside your vertebrae runs your spinal cord, a highway of nerves that with your brain, forms your central nervous system and branches out from between each vertebrae to co-ordinate the function of your organs, tissues and cells.

How your spine moves can affect how the information travels from your brain through your nervous system to the rest of your body and back again. If there is interference in the nervous system due to a mis-alignment of the spine which is pinching or choking the nerves (subluxation) then the signals between the brain/body don’t get through properly.

This is why your spinal health is so important and you should love your spine!

The body is amazing. It is self-healing and self-regulating, however there are many ways in which your body can become subluxated. Some of these subluxations can happen at birth and build up over time with regular knocks and bumps, car accidents, sports injuries, lifting heavy objects or bending down to pick up your toothbrush.

Your body is often able to compensate for these subluxations for a while but it is unable to correct them. During this stage you might not feel anything going wrong but your poor body is having a tough time. With nerve signal misfiring you move further and further out of balance. It can take quite some time before we start experiencing symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, reflux/heartburn, sciatica, sleeping problems, menstrual issues, digestive disorders and fatigue and it’s only then we look for a solution.

How you feel is not a good indicator of your health.

spine, Love Your Body, Love Your Spine, Love Your Life, Peak ChiropracticPainkillers, anti-inflammatories and other medications may help to give some temporary relief but the symptoms return and often they return with a vengeance.

Less than 10% of the nervous system contains pain receptors, so you could be going about your daily routines without even knowing that there is damage going on to the other 90% under the surface.

More and more people are coming into our office for a ‘wellness check’ before they start to experience symptoms because they are looking for a more balanced body to enjoy the world with.

Don’t you think it’s about time that you started to love your body back?

spine, Love Your Body, Love Your Spine, Love Your Life, Peak ChiropracticSpinal health isn’t something we normally think about until it’s quite late, once we start experiencing symptoms. The sooner you get checked the better.

Vitalistic Chiropractors are trained to find and clear subluxations, allowing your nervous system to function at it’s best. When your nervous system is functioning at it’s best then your body is free to heal and regulate.

By following our 4 Foundations for Well-Being you can give some love back to your body.

Eat Real Food

Move Yourself

Be the Balance

Keep the Power On!

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