Women’s health is a problem topic. While the media and many companies might market themselves as being aligned to women’s health, I have my doubts. Women are undoubtedly the driving force in the market for health and well-being and they are not being served by the masculine society we live in.

Glossy magazine covers with airbrushed models don’t do much to empower women. Articles written to satisfy our taste for immediate gratification don’t empower women. Products preying on their insecurities, promising quick weight-loss, better sex and controlling relationships don’t inspire women.

All of these offerings are a masculine ideal of solving without understanding, of answering without listening. Women’s health has been hijacked by our society’s need for quick fixes and instant cures. These needs are the result of masculine thinking gone unchecked, overpowering the feminine and women’s health is one casualty of that imbalance.

Women's Health, The Problem with Women’s Health, Peak ChiropracticFrom menarche, the onset of menstruation, which could empower young girls toward becoming young women, they are disempowered. Period pains are now ‘normal’ but they are not natural. Irregular periods are considered common and need not be. Mood swings, headaches, body aches, digestive upsets, these are just the price you pay for being a woman. The answer masculine-driven society serves up? Take drugs to silence the symptoms and don’t look to heal your mind-body.

Women's Health, The Problem with Women’s Health, Peak ChiropracticAs women might consider having children, these issues persist and worse follows. PCOS, endometriosis and fertility issues are frighteningly common. The answer society serves up? Use drugs and surgery to silence the symptoms and cut out the offending parts. Use yet more drugs to overpower your mind-body into conceiving and not a mention of how to help your mind-body balance.

Women's Health, The Problem with Women’s Health, Peak ChiropracticPregnancy is now seen as a medical condition, to be dealt with as a disease. Gynaecologists who are trained surgeons are your first point of call, at least in private health care in South Africa. Heaven forbid you seek a midwife-led team as your primary choice. No wonder so many women end up feeling like they had no choice but a caesarean: the game is rigged against allowing your feminine body doing what it can do first AND having medical care as a backup. There is no mention of how to balance your mind-body and improve the way you carry, labour and give birth.

Women's Health, The Problem with Women’s Health, Peak ChiropracticAs a women’s natural fertile period ends in menopause and her hormone cycles changes, she is not allowed a graceful transition. Hot flushes, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction are seen to be normal. The masculine, medical solution? Use your lotions, potions or pills and try to chemically alter the symptoms. Silence your feminine body telling you, once again, that it is out of balance and go about your business without balancing it.

Helping your mind-body back towards balance can help to redress hormonal issues throughout life and help women get away from the disempowered ‘normal’ and back to their empowered natural state. To get yourself started there are some fundamental things you can be doing:

* Get your spine and nervous system checked by a vitalistic chiropractor
* Go beyond ‘diet’ and eat real food as fresh as possible
* Go beyond ‘exercise’ and make your life more active with more movement
* Go beyond ‘positive thinking’ and become more mindful, more present, more conscious
* Sleep as much as you can without getting fired or divorced
* Get into nature
* Learn to breathe deeply and fully through everyday

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