Today we are going to tell you the story of Anne.

At one of the practices that Eils worked in in Glasgow, Anne came in as a last resort. She was having fertility issues. She had tried everything to fall pregnant including changes in nutrition and lifestyle and several rounds of IVF.

She had just about given up on conceiving and was ready to apply for adoption when someone suggested she go and visit a Chiropractor and see if they could help. Anne was a bit sceptical; what can a ‘back Doctor’ do to help with my fertility problems?

Anne came in for her initial consultation followed by her report where they found misalignments in her spine (subluxations). These subluxations were interfering with her nervous system and could have been contributing to her fertility problems. Anne and her Chiropractor decided on a schedule of care to correct her subluxations and improve the function of her nervous system.

Fertility, Chiropractic and Fertility, Peak ChiropracticA few months later Anne came in for her regular adjustment with a huge, but nervous smile on her face. She was pregnant! Anne continued with her regular adjustments throughout pregnancy and brought baby in for his first check within a couple of days of his birth.

Now, Chiropractic adjustments didn’t cause Anne to fall pregnant, I think we all know how that happened! 😉

The subluxations may have been preventing the messages from the nerves getting to the reproductive organs and allowing them to work properly. The adjustments removed interference to her nervous system and allowed her body to function optimally.

There are many other factors that can influence fertility including serious issues that may need specialist attention, waiting until later in life to start a family and modern lifestyle factors.

Your vitalistic Chiropractor can assist you to boost your fertility by giving you advice on:

  • Fertility, Chiropractic and Fertility, Peak ChiropracticRegular Chiropractic adjustments
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Stress reduction
  • Weight management
  • Reducing exposure to toxins

Just before Eils left Scotland to move to Cape Town she bumped into Anne in the local supermarket with her 3 happy, healthy children. Anne and her family continue to see a Chiropractor as part of their wellness lifestyle.

We at Peak Chiropractic are a Vitalistic practice and are specifically trained to assess the spine and nervous system to detect, analyse and correct misalignments. By performing safe, gentle and specific ‘adjustments’, Chiropractors can realign the spine and restore proper communication between the body and the brain. Based on the 4 Foundations For Creating Well-Being, we are also able to give you advice on lifestyle factors that may be effecting your health and well-being.

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