Who has the time to get to the gym 5 times a week, prepare all your food from scratch, meditate every day, pay attention your relationships AND earn a living. Never mind finding an enduring purpose in life!? With all the busyness we are lured in by, wouldn’t it be great to get more done in less time with less effort and learn to Live a bigger life?

Ask yourself, “What one thing could I be doing that would make all the other things easier?” How can you be using less effort to get more reward?

When we look for this answer in health, it’s useful to look at the mind-body and get an appreciation for how it works. Our view on health is that you are not a machine, divisible into and the sum of your parts. We don’t believe you are a washing machine.

The Mind-Body Ecosystem

You are an ecosystem. Complex and interconnected. Your mind-body has different systems, all working in concert to express life, health and vitality.

To feed and nurture this ecosystem we call your mind-body, you try to eat well, move regularly, be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, get adequate sleep and a lot more.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it can be. It sounds like a big investment of time and energy, and it can be. It sounds almost impossible, and it can be seen that way.

By using the principle of leverage, maximising the results for the effort you put in, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, and not have to kill yourself getting there.

In this ecosystem of your mind-body, there is a master co-ordinating and integrating system that influences all others. If this one system is compromised, it makes all the others work inefficiently and it makes you work harder and get worse results.

This leverage point is your nervous system. It is like the conductor of the symphony, keeping all the other parts in rhythm, balance and harmony. Your gut health, your immune system, your skin, your bones and joints all rely on the nervous system to keep them in flow.

Your Spine: The Home of Your Nervous System

Your spine is the protective home of your nervous system and if it is misaligned and interferes with the connection (subluxation) then those other systems aren’t going to be able to work at 100%.

Subluxations are most often painless and difficult to detect for yourself. You could be eating the perfect diet, doing the perfect exercise and doing the perfect meditations but you would not be getting the results you deserve, and you would not know why.

Subluxations frustrate your efforts to be health and make you live a smaller life.

Chiropractic is the force multiplier that finds, removes and helps you prevent subluxation. If you address the subluxations and improve the flow between brain and body, then you’ll get far better results.

Chiropractic is natural and so safe that it’s used on newborn babies and centenarians. Chiropractic is so effective that professional athletes swear by it. 

Try Chiropractic and live a bigger life.

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