Everything has structure, without structure things can fall apart.

Your body is an entire structure including all your cells, tissues, organs and glands. These are all co-ordinated and regulated by your nervous system which ensures homeostasis and vitality.

The skull, spine and pelvis are the axis of the body – the core of the framework – and all your nerves, organs and muscles depend on them.

When you are born, your spine is C-shaped as you’re curled up in the foetal position. With tummy time, you learn to push yourself up and roll both ways, this begins to create your neck and lower back curves. Then comes crawling, sitting and walking so that your brain, spine and nervous system can adapt and develop optimally.

If everything has developed well, then our bodies will hold themselves up with no conscious effort. Good posture is about having your body hold you up. If a child or adult slumps when they let go of their body, then it is a sign that they have a structural distortion affecting the function of their body. It is not a muscle problem, it is a structure problem.

Chiropractic care is built on the knowledge that the structure of a person’s brain, spine and nervous system has a direct influence on the function of their body and their life. Subluxation is a disturbance to the structure and therefore alters function. This disturbance to body function may start silently but, over time, this can accumulate.

Chiropractic research tells us that interference to a person’s nervous system inhibits their optimal expression rendering them less able to live life to its fullest. It makes sense to ensure that every step of our little one’s way is filled with growth-oriented support. It makes sense to optimise the function of our brain, spine and nervous system by attending to proper structure with the practice of good spinal hygiene from birth onwards.

Correction of posture is about more than stretching and strengthening. Since posture is about how the structure of your body holds you up and not the muscles and subluxation distorts that structure then it follows that structural correction to address subluxations is the solution.

Regular chiropractic care to correct subluxations is an essential component of a maximised life, enabling our little ones to reach closer to their full potential as productive citizens on this amazing planet.

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