reset, Can You Reset The Cycle?, Peak ChiropracticLife is made up of many cycles. If we look at our life cycle, from the time we are conceived the embryo develops into our complex body containing trillions of cells. As our bodies change and develop from birth to old age, we go through several stages of life. During infancy and childhood, we grow rapidly. In our teenage years we mature into adults. As grown men and women we have children of our own. Finally, in old age our bodies start to wear out. Can we reset this cycle?

Our many cycles

If we put our life cycle under a microscope we begin to see many smaller cycles. Yearly cycles filled with four seasons, each comprising 3 months. Each month is a cycle of 28-31 days. Each day is a cycle of day and night.  What is your daily cycle? Not your ride to work, what are the sequence of events that make up your day? Can you streamline them? Are you wasting time? What could make you more efficient? Good questions to ask coming out of the winter hibernation cycle and into spring! The gyms are busier, the pavements are filled with runners and the beaches are filling up as Cape Town awakens from Her winter slumber. Spring is a time for cleaning, it’s why we “Spring clean”. Out with the old and in with the new! There is no better time to streamline your routine and let go of harmful habits – who says you need to wait for the new year to make a resolution. Your future self will thank you for starting today. With Spring here there’s no better time to reset.

Man lives and experiences his life forwards but appreciates it backwards. So many of us get stuck inreset, Can You Reset The Cycle?, Peak Chiropractic the “rat race” the 9-5 – 365! When we are young and healthy we chase money and material possessions to the detriment of our health. When we are old and sick we try to regain the health we lost. This cycle repeats and repeats. Break the cycle – stop and appreciate the moment. Live in the now. Smell the flowers. Take the stairs. Go on more adventures. Push RESET…

Wait a minute, you can hit reset?

Why not? Mix it up at work, at home, in the classroom or in the shopping center. Resetting doesn’t always mean shutting down and starting up again. It could be a tweak in your routine to make you better, stronger or faster. Why not streamline your morning routine and benefit from it throughout the day? Time is a finite commodity – use yours wisely. Save time and you will have more time to go for that run, fit in that gym class, spend time with the family or finally get down to finishing Homer’s “The Iliad”.

If an appliance like your computer doesn’t work or freezes what is the general response? In my family the same reaction comes from everyone, “Just hit the reset button”. I know that my house hold isn’t unique and this sentiment echoes across the country and globe hundreds of times a day solving many a technological crisis. Have you ever stopped to consider that sometimes when you are feeling overworked, tired, fed up, over it and about to have a melt down that you too should stop, take a moment, and hit reset yourself?

Can Chiropractic care help you reset?

At each adjustment, Chiropractors are setting the body differently as we clear through compensations. So yes, Chiropractic care can help the body reset. ABC™ helps the body’s structure and by doing this improving function – this is one of the reasons that athletes utilize Chiropractic. They know from experience that they perform better with their bodies being in proper alignment.

You don’t need to run like Usain Bolt or swim like Michael Phelps to benefit from Chiropractic – we are all athletes.