From a certain perspective vomiting can be seen as a problem. From another, it could be seen as an expression of health.

Imagine you and I were to go out and we both have a chicken salad where the chicken was undercooked. Now imagine you ended up vomiting, but I didn’t.

Which would be the healthier response?

Would it be smarter to keep potentially harmful microbes in your body or to purge them by vomiting?

Sure, being crouched over the loo isn’t comfortable and not something we would want to go through just for fun but maybe it’s not a bad thing…

One useful perspective you can take on says that expelling the offending substances is an intelligent thing for your body to do. Not pleasant, but intelligent.

From that perspective, a symptom like vomiting, pain and fever, are signs of health and not sickness. Symptoms are useful, not to be feared.

Symptoms are allies, not enemies.

How could pain be a sign of health? Well, if an oil light on your car’s dashboard was a warning that the engine needed oil, could pain not be an indicator that something needs attention?

Could it be your mind-body’s way of letting you know that healing is happening, and that something needs some rest? Could it be like the “Caution Wet Paint” sign that is telling you to give it time to dry?

Fever has an intelligent function too. For a 1 degree increase in your body’s temperature decreases a virus’s ability to replicate by 200 times and weakens bacteria making them easier for your immune system to bring into balance.

A shift in perspective toward trusting your innate intelligence’s ability to create health has some interesting permutations.

From this perspective it might be worth rethinking the use of drugs to kill pain, quell nausea and dampen fevers. Are these measures working with or against your body?

In the end, a shift of perspective might help to bring alignment with the natural forces that create growth and repair in your mind-body. The more we can work with the innate drive our mind-body has, the more we can feel comfortable and optimistic about the things we feel.

Is your mind-body your friend or your foe?

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