Each person has a unique way of seeing the world, and groups of people can have similar outlooks on life and how it works. When was the last time you looked at the world from a different perspective?

Looking at Things Differently

Most of society sees life and health from the basic perspective that pain is to be avoided and death is to be cheated. That leads us to the current level of healthcare we have, where we numb ourselves to the rich experience of life to avoid suffering and we usually cling to a limited existence as we live in fear of death.

From that perspective, we fear the uncomfortable and we continuously play it safe. Uncertainty is to be avoided and confusion is seen as weakness. We live smaller lives of quiet desperation.

While not everyone plays by those rules all the time, that way of playing the game of life is certainly very prevalent, especially in the realm of healthcare. While there is validity in approaching some healthcare related issues with that lens, it may not be useful to look at your whole life that way.

The medicalisation of the human experience, from pregnancy and childbirth to depression and grief has caused us to become disconnected from ourselves, each other and our environment.

Anaesthetising yourself to pain, sadness, grief, anger, sorrow, fear and loss may be more comfortable than experiencing them but doing so robs you of the rich tapestry of human existence. How can we fully experience the highs of vitality, love, awe, connection and gratitude when we haven’t lived the lows?

Hiding from death may give us a false sense of security but the price we pay is disengagement from life itself. Instead, we simply exist in lonely isolation.

Opening Yourself Up to Experiences

Being fully engaged in every moment because we understand death is inevitable and beautiful is what gives life such precious value.

Being open to the unknown invites new experiences and ways of being.

Being in states of confusion are where we make genius leaps in our life, they are playgrounds.

Your mind-body is your means of navigating life. Are you steering a limited course based on a limited perspective and living a smaller life or are you embracing the unlimited nature of life based on the unlimited perspective of love and living your bigger life?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Living your bigger life is certainly possible when using Chiropractic care.

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