At Peak Chiropractic we don’t ever use the word “Patient”, we much prefer the term “Practice Member”.

Here is a little explanation why…

The word Patient comes from the latin for sufferer or victim. We find that patients just accept or allow what happens to them without active response or resistance. They are more passive in their response to their health, waiting until there are symptoms before seeking help to temporarily suppress those symptoms. Patients believe they are broken, that they need to be fixed, that their bodies are like a machine with broken parts that need to be fixed.

We call this an Outside-In view. This can result in a sense of vulnerability and leave you feeling disempowered.

We much prefer to use the term Practice Member. Our practice members are engaged in their health, are proactive and look after the way they eat, move and think. Practice members act in advance to prevent health difficulties. Practice members work in a partnership with their healthcare provider to make a joint decision and take responsibility for their own healthcare choices. Practice members trust in the body’s innate healing ability and believe that the body is an ecosystem and works as a whole.

We call this an Inside-Out view. This fosters a more resilient mindset. In this mindset you are taking consistent action to improve your well-being which can leave you feeling more fulfilled, even in the face of major health challenges.

What would you rather be, a patient or a practice member?

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