Complicated things seem more valuable, they are shiny and appealing and often easy to sell. Simplicity on the other hand often seems too parochial or too easy.

Your life is increasingly more complicated. Your diary, your to-do list, your tasks, your chores are all more complicated. The news, current events and politics are more complicated. Gym, running and yoga routines are more complicated.

Reading your favourite websites might lead you to believe that health is horribly complicated: “Eat this, don’t eat that.” “Do this exercise, not that.” “Use this meditation, not that one.” To further complicated things there are different experts telling you different things.

There is a model of health that is elegantly simple and that might make your life a little easier. It’s one that comes from viewing the world through a different lens and realising that health is a process and not a destination.

Health Formula:

Wholeness + Time + Function = Health.


Your mind-body is certainly more than its individual parts but it is made up of parts nonetheless. It is made up of organs and systems that all link together. To be able to express health at the highest level we want all of the parts present. You can’t do anything about parts you may be missing but you can certainly work to look after the parts you still have.


Like wholeness, you can’t do anything about the time that has gone by already. You can’t stop it from marching on either. You can harness time and use it as an ally. It took time to get your health to where it is – it was a process. That same principle is what gives you hope and optimism, you can turn your health into a process that moves you toward growth, repair and vitality and away from defence, decay and disease.


Herein lies simplicity: This is the one element of the equation that you can focus on. By working to keep the parts of your body functioning at 100% of their potential for the rest of your life, you have your best chance of having glowing good health.

To do this you begin to take control of your movement and rest, proper nutrition and clarity of mind – that’s a little complex. Here’s the simplicity: the primary control of the function of your body is the nervous system.

If you look after the function of your nervous system your will enhance the function of every other organ and system in your mind-body.

That is the primary purpose of Chiropractic – to detect and correct areas of dysfunction in the body that interfere with optimal function of the nervous system. Simple.

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