In humans, regeneration is the replacement of old and damaged cells by new and healthy ones. It is a vital part of the healing process but it also occurs in undamaged tissue. Different tissues regenerate at varying speeds. A bone is completely regenerated roughly every 10 years, whilst the top layer of our skin, the epidermis, is regenerated every 2 weeks or so. It is estimated that the body completely regenerates every 7 to 10 years, meaning you are literally a totally new person every ten years. Now you’re still the same you because your genes haven’t changed but you’re a replica of the old you.

During a cell’s life cycle, it undergoes three different kinds of stress: physical, chemical and emotional/mental. These stressors have the ability to damage the cell, both as a whole and at a genetic level. This impacts the quality of the cells in later generations and some studies have even shown that it can translate to three generations (our children and our grand-children).

regeneration, How can we help our bodies regenerate?, Peak Chiropractic

How can we help our bodies regenerate?

Two things are required for tissue to regenerate optimally. First, it must be free of damaging stimuli ie. it needs to rest. If you keep your hand on a hot stove or cut yourself and leave the knife there, the tissue is unlikely to regenerate. These are silly examples but we’ve all been yelled at by our moms to “Stop picking at it, you’ll only make it worse!”. The second thing any organism needs to regenerate tissue is a functioning nervous system. If you cut a piece of steak, I can guarantee you it won’t grow back together, no matter how rare you like it.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ helps the process of regeneration in two ways:

  1. It improves the way our bodies interact with gravity thereby reducing the amount of physical stress applied to our tissues to a healthier level. This leads to a slower process of wear and tear and gives our bodies a chance to kill off dead and damaged cells and recycle their ground substances, in a process called apoptosis, for the production of new cells by mitosis or cell division.
  2. It also reconnects our brains and bodies by taking tension off of the spinal cord, allowing for free flow of impulses and clearer communication and control of the process of healing and regeneration. An example of just how important the nervous system is in healing and regeneration is the complications paraplegics and quadriplegics face in wound healing in areas below the level of spinal injury as compared to those above.

Now, whilst it is true that in some cases by the time they get to our office there is an element of irreversible damage that has occurred due to a lifetime of misinformed choices and bad habits, it’s never too late to benefit from these two improvements in the regenerative process, brought about by consistently and predictably improving body and nervous system function. These two benefits of Advanced BioStructural Correction™, combined, allow for more rapid regeneration and improved quality of the cells being reproduced and their genetic code. This allows us not only to slow the degenerative process, that has developed after a lifetime, but to actually have a shot at reversing some of the damage done and rise like a phoenix into greater levels of health.

regeneration, How can we help our bodies regenerate?, Peak Chiropractic

Yours in health
Dr Thorn