Spinal X-rays are a well-established diagnostic tool that allows your Chiropractor to fully understand what is going on with your body’s alignment and structure and help you get the best results.

As your healthcare providers, we are tasked with ensuring what we do is safe and effective for you and your family. Using appropriate technology that enhances our understanding of your unique situation helps you to get more insight and make better decisions around your and your family’s health.

X-ray allows you to see the structure of your body, deep below the level of muscles, and find out what the deeper cause of many problems may be, sometimes discovering things that have never been noted before, and helps us to begin solving it with you.

Did you know, Chiropractors in South Africa are the only non-medical profession that are trained and licensed to take and report on X-rays? There is a long history in practice and research of X-ray usage in Chiropractic, even though it is uncommon in South Africa, and it is reflected in our education and recognition under law.

By taking the time to use X-rays, when clinically indicated, a Chiropractor can identify many underlying problems including developmental, postural, biomechanical and degenerative conditions. Kyphosis, scoliosis and arthritis are examples of degenerative conditions that are important for any healthcare professional to know about and are best assessed through X-ray.

More serious conditions like cancer, infection and fractures are also able to be seen on X-ray and would significantly affect what kind of care you would be given.

Alternate methods to assess such spine problems are often indirect and do not reveal the root cause and could result in a significant misdiagnosis, leading to inappropriate treatment and harmful consequences for the patient.”

By using state of the art digital X-ray that delivers very low amounts of radiation, we are able to get beyond the guesswork that can happen in practice every day.

In less that 5 minutes, we can have digital images of your spine and pelvis and gain valuable information that helps us to help you on a higher level.

With the use of cutting-edge technology and best-practice positioning we are able to dramatically reduce the already low exposure to radiation that X-rays entail. The dosage is roughly equivalent to a return flight from Cape Town to London or about 3 days of natural background radiation (the amount of natural radiation we are all exposed to, everyday).

Here at Peak Chiropractic Centre we have our own state-of-art in-house digital X-ray facility. This saves you time and allows us to begin helping you to get to the root cause of your problem without the need for an external referral.

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Peak Chiropractic Centre located in Claremont are family-friendly chiropractors focused on relieving aches, pains and posture correction. We offer in-house X-Ray facilities.

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