What does “Light” mean to you? Is it a presence or an absence? When there is a dark room, can you make it lighter by removing darkness? Can you add a source of darkness? If you toggle a dimmer switch, are you adding darkness to the room or only providing less light? To decrease darkness, you need to add the light. Light is the entity, the light IS. The darkness, in contrast, is the absence of light, it is the non-entity.

When we talk about health it is useful to compare it to light. Health is the same as light: health is the entity. Sickness or disease is the same as darkness: it is the non-entity. Sickness is the absence of health. Just like when you toggle a dimmer switch: wellness can’t be increased by removing sickness, only by adding health.

In this crazy, busy world, we tend to notice health (light) only when it is absent.

Just like when Eskom cuts off our electricity and plunges us into darkness, we only notice the absence of health when our bodies start to exhibit symptoms of being overwhelmed by daily stressors.

I love climbing, it’s a mild obsession. It’s also very physically taxing. I’ve had years of problems with foot and shoulder injuries, months at a time where the climbing wall had to be a distant well-missed friend. I missed how hard I had to work and how much concentration it takes to pull off precision moves. I missed the sense of community that is created with complete strangers when we sit and puzzle out the routes together. For me, this is light, this is where I shine.

After a great session on the weekend, I was surprised to notice that I’d neglected to track my wins. I’d had no problem focusing on the darkness during periods of injury but I’d failed to notice the light. With practice and better function of my nervous system through Chiropractic care, I’m getting stronger, more coordinated, and braver. I get healthier and happier doing something that I love. I have the freedom to do what I want to do. I’m committing myself to take notice of the light and I invite you to do the same.

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Let’s try to be more cognizant of what is “Light” in our daily lives

I’d like to request you to do an exercise with me: notice how brilliant and powerful you are. Revel in feeling strong while running uphill. Appreciate how you can pick up your child without the once familiar twinge in your back. Be thankful that you can go hiking, take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh spring air. Enjoy being able to go for a surf in the sun. Welcome the extra productivity in your days that comes with being more comfortable in your skin. You are brilliant. You are powerful. Let’s get back to the light.

The word subluxation, the entity that Chiropractic aims to help the body correct, means light.

‘Sub’ – less, imperfect.

‘lux’ – light, illumination.

‘ation’ – the action or process of doing something.

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