What Does Nourishment Mean To You?

If asked, “How nourished are you?” most people would think about their food status and hunger. Let’s move a step beyond that and look deeper into being nourished. On a basic level, nourishing something means feeding, providing for or maintaining it. But to what end? Do you feed your pets just to keep them in existence?

The purpose in nourishing your pets is to nurture, foster and encourage them to grow and thrive. Nourishing pets, plants, children and ourselves is an attempt to maximise our development and improve our trajectory of life.

When we think of nourishing ourselves and our families we may often think of nutrition through food, and certainly it is one form of nourishment. Nutrients, however, come in many forms – not just chemicals in food, air and water.

Relationships, sleep, movement, breathing… All of these can be nutrients that feed your mind-body on the path of growth and repair as you are on your journey of life.

Deficiencies of nutrients are the opposite. They set your mind-body on the path of defence and decay. We have no problem seeing how deficiencies of vitamins can retard growth and cause imbalance but so can deficiencies of fulfilling relationships, of movement and of sleep.

Toxicities can do the same. Toxic relationships, toxic movement and toxic thoughts can pollute the ecosystem of your mind-body and make your experience of life duller. Toxicities and deficiencies force your innate intelligence into a physiology of defence and decay and minimise your life.

Nourishment and Chiropractic

Movement of your body, especially your spine, is a nutrient for every part of your physiology, particularly of your brain. This stimulation goes far beyond burning calories, releasing endorphins and building muscle. It has been central to our evolution and is central to your ability to thrive.

This is what Chiropractic really does, nourish your brain. That’s why it plays an important part in a wellness lifestyle for the whole family.

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