4 Myths of the Sickcare System

They are invisible until you hunt them down. They can lift you up or they can beat you down. They operate in the background, but they determine your results. Yours talk to mine and decide if we should be friends or enemies. They decide how happy you are.

These enigmatic forces I’m describing are your beliefs. The set of rules you live by that, the chances are, you’ve never examined. If you have, it’s probably been during some kind of deep personal work and, in all likelihood, you’ve been left scratching your head and wondering how you came to believe such things.

Our mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers instilled in us rules about life. Our perceptions of our experiences from our earlier years have created principles in our psyche. These beliefs then influence our every behaviour.
Groups of people can operate out of a shared set of beliefs too. Clubs, communities, professions, religions and nations band together and agree on rules to govern how they see the world.

The sickcare system (that we call the healthcare system) has a set of such beliefs that I’ve come to call the 4 myths of the sickcare system.

1. Not sick = healthy
This is one of the biggest misconceptions we have about our well-being. The assumption is that if you feel good, then you are healthy. The problem with that rule is that you can feel fine and have cancer. You can feel fine and have high blood pressure. You can feel fine and have tooth decay.

2. You are a machine
Most of the research and most of the practice of medicine is centred around the idea that you are the sum total of your parts. If a part breaks, they take it out or replace it. If you’re lucky, there may be a lotion, potion or pill that will find it’s way to that part and fix it.

3. You are separate from nature
When animals suddenly get chronically sick, we don’t blame their genes, germs or their luck. We usually look at their environment and find out if there is a deficiency or a toxicity.

When humans become chronically sick (as a species we are now), we don’t think the same way. We are told it’s our genes, our germs or bad luck because we do not think of ourselves within the natural order and don’t think we are subject to her rules.

4. You are innately broken
In sickcare, there is very little room for the idea that the doctor, the pill or the surgery do not do the healing. As a patient in the system, you are passive and are in constant need of saving.

While sickcare may treat an infection, set a bone or stitch a wound in times of need, none of these are the same as healing. Healing is what happens to allow the cast, the antibiotic or the stitches to help. Healing is the process of regeneration that is happening all the time, from the inside-out.

Healing is innate to us. It is intelligent.

Think about each of these myths, these beliefs and see where you have taken them as true and then ask yourself, “Is this useful?”