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Sometimes it can feel like life is a big balancing act. It can seem this way as we juggle all the commitments we have in our lives (work, kids, exercise etc.). Let’s talk about “balance”. If we think about it we can talk about balance in a number of different areas. From balancing our time, eating a balanced diet, balancing work and family as well as our actual balance – the one we use to not fall over when we walk. Whenever I think about balance I think about a set of scales in equilibrium, I think of stability.

If we talk about having a balanced diet we think about getting enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals, a healthy ratio of carbs, proteins and fats and minimizing bad sugars, sodas and fast-food. That said, if you are eating clean and following a healthy eating plan, remember that one cheese burger won’t give you cancer or derail your hard work and dedication.

Runners gotta run. Spinners gotta spin. Weight lifters gotta lift! What happens ifbalance, Finding Your Balance, Peak Chiropractic you favor certain workouts? You favor the muscles those workouts target. The problem arises when you favor certain muscles over a long period and your body develops imbalances. As stronger muscles are overworked they become tighter, while weaker muscles are neglected. How many times have we seen someone at gym with huge arms but on taking a closer look it seems like they have skipped leg day… every day… for weeks. This mismatch between muscles, typically the vanity muscles, can lead to biomechanical stress on the body. This may result in structural imbalances and, eventually, pain while also making you more prone to injury long term. Mix it up in the gym, do full body workouts and don’t skip leg day!

Family balance – spend time with your husband/wife, sons/daughters, nieces and nephews. balance, Finding Your Balance, Peak ChiropracticThere is a famous quote by Kurt Vonneut that goes, “Remember the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things”. You will not look back on your life one day and remember the times you stayed late at work or mowed the lawn. Wake up earlier and get moving in the morning, before the rest of the family is up. This way you would have done your workout/run/cycle before everybody is up and you can now eat breakfast or have dinner together and get your family bonding time in. Be a lone wolf in the mornings so you can be a member of the pack in the evenings.

On a Chiropractic level removing interference within the nervous system can help restore our body balance and help us deal with stressors in our lives better. Chiropractic can also literally help improve our balance. Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to help prevent falls in the elderly. Adjustments have also been shown to improve our reflexes. How are improved reflexes going to improve my balance you might ask? If we do trip/stumble we react faster and are more likely to catch ourselves and prevent a fall if we do lose our balance, which helps to prevent serious damage. Chiropractic has also been shown to help a number of ailments that might lead to dizziness and vertigo, which would affect our balance.

Vitalistic Chiropractors can also advise on lifestyle factors that may be affecting your work-life-family balance.

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