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    Chiropractic Techniques

    Chiropractic was first founded in Davonport, Iowa in 1895. A Chiropractor’s primary treatment method is the Chiropractic adjustment which is more specific than a spinal manipulation. A Chiropractic adjustment is a highly skilled and specific movement designed to...


    When people describe me, I don’t imagine that the first word that comes to mind is “nurturing”. So I am going to try and come at this from the most logical and scientific angle that I can. To start off with let us define what it means to nurture. To nurture (someone...

    Can Chiropractic help with headaches and migraines?

    Headaches and migraines are among the most common complaints we come across at Peak Chiropractic Centre. If you have a headache or migraine, you are not alone. Some studies show that 9 out of 10 people get headaches. Most headaches are occasional, some mild but...
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