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    New Year, New Resolutions

    Get ready, boys and girls, for another new year and a new bunch of sparkly resolutions. Prepare to wait in line at the gym, stock up on kale before it runs out, and look out for those shiny new takkies soon to be hitting the pavement. It’s “a New Year and a New Me,”...

    Celebrating the Festive Season

    The festive season is upon us and there are going to be some year-end social functions that fill your calendar. The essence of many of these gatherings, is celebration and that word has a deeper meaning that may surprise you. Celebrations are about more than getting...

    Let The Sunshine In

    The impact of sunlight on human health would not have been news for our ancestors. Ancient and traditional medicines have long honoured the change of seasons and the effect they have on our health. Our body, mind and spirit respond to seasonal and environmental...
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