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kids chiropractic

Your kids don’t have any back pain, neck pain, headaches or injuries so they don’t need Chiropractic, right? Or is it?

Your nervous system is the master control system of your body, controlling everything from how you breath, to your growth, to how you concentrate, to how you fight infection.

If the messages from the nerves are garbled or fuzzy then we are going to experience fuzzy or garbled health.

Having a twisted spine that can choke the nerves is one of the main causes of fuzzy nerve signals and it’s called a subluxation.

Studies show that the birthing process is a significant cause of paediatric subluxation in newborns that is often not addressed.

In the US, over 20 million babies and children see a Chiropractor every year but in South Africa this is not common practice.

You’d take your child for dental check-ups when they get teeth so why not have their Spine & Nervous System checked?

Though the signs may be subtle, over time the effects of subluxation could affect your child’s development.

You may notice problems with feeding, colic type issues, irregular soiling of nappies, sleeping problems, ear infections and a host of other subtle signs that may indicate nerve irritation because of a twisted spine.

While we have seen results with many of these conditions, our focus is not on treating or curing ailments. Rather we focus on helping the nervous system to work efficiently and effectively.

Regardless of symptoms or conditions, all roads to well-being lead to the body regulating itself via the nerves.

When we look at studies that look at the difference between kids that are checked by a Chiropractor regularly vs ones that aren’t there are some glaring differences.

One study compared the difference between the health of children of paediatricians vs those of Chiropractors and they noted that the Chiropractic kids had 5 times fewer antibiotic prescriptions, fewer cases of tonsillitis, fewer allergies and fewer ear infections.

When you consider that these Chiropractic children would have been exposed to fewer dangerous drugs than their non-chiropractic friends these differences are potentially life changing.


Chiropractic for people of all ages is safe, natural and effective.

In a recent European study of more than 900 doctors of Chiropractic who care for children showed that there were no major side effects and that Chiropractic is safe for children. Minor responses like mild stiffness occurred in 0.23% of cases.

At Peak Chiropractic we love caring for families and seeing how much they thrive with regular Chiropractic checkups.


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