Are you working with your body or against it?

Innate Intelligence is a Chiropractic term used by the founder of Chiropractic, D.D Palmer. It is a term that refers to your body’s inborn ability to self-regulate and self-develop.

Vitalistic Chiropractors remove the interference to the nervous system (subluxations) by way of Chiropractic adjustments which creates optimal alignment in your spine and body thus allowing the body’s innate intelligence to promote healing, repair and growth.

Innate Intelligence, Innate Intelligence, Peak ChiropracticWhen you have a cold or flu what causes a runny nose, the bug or your body’s intelligent response? We often think of a runny nose as something that is broken or wrong with us but when we give it some more though we realise that the body is producing mucus to try and flush the infection.

When we look at it this way it can now seem like a symptom, such as a runny nose, can actually be a pretty smart thing. Maybe other symptoms are smart too…?

So, when you are experiencing a headache, back pain or neck pain, do you think that taking a painkiller or anti-inflammatory:

  1. Works against the body by masking over the symptoms, silencing what the body is trying to tell you, for temporary relief? or
  2. Works with the body to get to the root of the problem for lasting healing?

Innate Intelligence, Innate Intelligence, Peak ChiropracticEvery living thing has innate intelligence hard wired into them. It controls every function of your body. Sometimes the lifestyle you lead – trips, falls, accidents and injuries – cause your body to compensate for the damage you do to it.

What would happen if those wires were choked or misaligned? Your body would not function optimally.

Chiropractors check for misalignments to your nervous system and using specific adjustments, correct what your body is unable to self-correct allowing you to thrive!

Want to read more about Innate Intelligence? Click here.

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