Yvonne Benn

Front Desk Team

I have recently begun experiencing chiropractic and seeing the profound effect that it has had on people. It has made me realise that being involved in chiropractic is much more than ‘a crack and a click’; it is a way of life and a reason for people to find a better way of living.

Inspiring individuals to learn and experience chiropractic as part of a healthy lifestyle, and how it leads to greater vitality is my role as a Chiropractic Angel. I would like to show others the effect of chiropractic not only for adults but also for babies, children and entire families.

My objective is to express the value of how important it is to look after your body and nervous system to ensure a well-balanced lifestyle. Improving the lives of others by encouraging growth and repair and seeing the amazing results that have been achieved is my ultimate joy that I can pursue.

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