Penny van Zyl

Front Desk Team

Throughout my childhood my dad visited a Chiropractor for back pain so it was fixed in mind that only people with bad backs would ever consider visiting a Chiropractor. It has been enlightening for me to learn about Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and how vital something as simple as posture is to everyone’s health. I noticed a difference in my posture and breathing after my very first adjustment and as I get further into my care I can feel my body loosening and releasing the extremely tight internal tension that I had unwittingly adopted while struggling through serious illness over the last three years. My bowls game has even improved because I have more control over my delivery now that my frame is supporting my muscles and not the other way around!

I’m loving working in a place where I can so easily see the benefits that our practice members are gaining through a Chiropractic lifestyle and I particularly like seeing families coming in together who are elevating their health and giving their kids a head start in life.

I look forward to interacting with all of you and helping you achieve your optimal health – something that makes you feel so good has to be shared.

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