Eilidh Venning

Front Desk Team

I have been involved in chiropractic for over 10 years now, starting as a client and now running a practice. Having felt what a difference it made to my and my family’s life, I decided that I wanted to be part of this amazing profession.

In my home town of Glasgow, I worked for the biggest chiropractic group in Europe and have consulted with new and existing offices throughout Scotland, helping them to become more person-centred in their approach. I have helped practices to be more efficient in their procedures and allowing them to devote more of their attention to the people they are caring for.

“Eilidh is Scottish born and moved to Cape Town with her husband Greg in 2012. She started as a Chiropractic Advocate when she saw great results with her own care and soon became Practice Manager for the biggest group of Chiropractic practices in Europe. She loves to champion the Chiropractic message through sharing her own experiences and those of the people she has met along the way.”

My previous experience was managing my family’s Out of School Care business where my love for children and passion for helping them to learn and achieve their full potential in life started. In my role as a Chiropractic Angel, I enjoy helping babies and children to achieve their innate potential through family education of chiropractic and lifestyle change. I love seeing families come into the practice together to have their adjustments. It is wonderful to see families that are being proactive about their health and well-being and not waiting until their body is showing symptoms of pain or decay before seeking help. I hope to lead by example with my own new family.

South Africa is my new home and I am excited to be a part of this beautiful country, and to help people to reap the benefits that chiropractic can bring.

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