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To make your encounter with Peak Chiropractic a legendary one, we have an engaged and inspired team of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants here to help you.

Meet The Team

These enthusiastic and loving people enjoy nothing more than helping you get the life-changing and revitalising care you and your family deserve.

  • Dr Greg Venning
    MTech(Chiro) SA, CCWP
    Author, Chiropractor, Inspirational Speaker, Health Geek

    Author, Chiropractor & founder of Peak Chiropractic, Dr Greg Venning has a strong call to serve his community. He dedicates his life to helping people fully express their human potential and helps you get the best out of your mind and body


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  • Dr Donne van Doesburgh
    MTech(Chiro) SA
    Registered Chiropractor

    Donne’s discontent with her own well-being lead her to search for what the answers to true health really are. Donne’s Chiropractic journey is one of discovery, serenity & vitality. She finds great pleasure in helping others to set paths to optimum health.


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  • Eilidh Venning Chiropractic Angel
    Office Manager

    I have been involved in Chiropractic for over 10 years now, starting as a client and now running a practice. Having felt what a difference it made to my and my family’s life, I decided that I wanted to be part of this amazing profession.

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  • Rene Rangasamy Chiropractic Assistant

    My journey with Peak began after I had returned from being overseas for about 3 months last year. The combination of my personal experience of Peak Chiropractic together with the opportunity to work alongside motivated and inspiring people, just felt right!

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  • Yvonne Benn Chiropractic Assistant

    I have recently been acquainted with the Chiropractic field and seeing the change and effect that it has transfigured on individuals, has made me realise that being involved in Chiropractic is much more than “a crack and a click”.

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Each of us is focussed on helping you achieve your unique health goals and we are constantly improving our expertise to better serve you.

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